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ZF - 'Scheming' Centauress :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 2 0 ZF - Avrilyppa --messy coloured sketch-- :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 1 0 YGO - Butting Heads :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 6 0 Sha, the 'Set-animal' :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 4 1 YGOC - The Old Millennium :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 2 2 YGOC - Khepri --coloured sketch-- :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 3 0 YGOC - Felicity :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 3 0
Yu-Gi-Oh! Stuff - My Fan-made Millennium Items
These were created for an AU storyline whereby there was another set of seven Items that were created long before Akhunadin (or however you wanna spell it) got his hands on that ancient spellbook. For the ritual to have been written down, it follows that it may have been done before, at some point. That is when these seven were made... I did my best to have their abilities be of a similar feel and level of the canonical set, while at the same time making them all different in some way (as being entirely different isn't even a thing WITHIN the canon set). They're meant to be equals of the canon Items, and not strictly more nor less powerful than them.
All of these had their powers sealed during much of the time between their creation and the ritual at Kul Elna... That ritual revived them, allowing them to function as conduits for magic once again. Their particular abilities, however, remained largely inaccessible or at least significantly hampered for years. The event that fully unseale
:iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 0 2
The Vrill --cleaned up-- :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 1 2 PKMN - Swarm of Mews :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 1 3 PKMN - Mew Base :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 1 3 Jumping the Bandwagon :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 3 0 Grinning Pony Base :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 1 0 Bleach OC - Cain Yggdraz :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 4 5 Bleach OC - Nuraya Zoltaan :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 3 8 Pretty Pegasus Featherrump :iconpyre-prism:Pyre-Prism 2 2


Chocolate fountain :iconvanycat:VanyCat 107 24 Koori-Tora Catsona :iconhirogoldstone:HiroGoldstone 13 5


ZF - 'Scheming' Centauress
Another Avril pic, because she's just that adorkable... plus, this shows off the broken stripe on her (equine) back, as well as being significantly clearer with the lines.
ZF - Avrilyppa --messy coloured sketch--
Otherwise known as Avril, the Awesome Adventuring Centaur Filly... That's what she calls herself, anyways.

This gal ran away from her home just so she could start her 'fated adventure' just that little bit earlier (like, a year or two earlier... have some patience, girl!). Avril is... naïve, to say the least. She's under the impression that, just because she's shortened her name to a more human-like one, she'll fit in just perfectly among humans without any sort of hitch. It's not like her entire body structure might have some impact on them, right~?

Let alone the fact that she's purple.

I do plan on cleaning this picture up, but I wanted to show another bit of evidence that I am still (slowly) working on getting the entire project into a workable state to upload properly, and I just really like her design. ^_^; It's getting there, honest!
YGO - Butting Heads
Bakura and Farah, the modern-day incarnation of Khepri (who I uploaded a picture of a little while ago). Happenings like this are relatively common between the pair, as he's frequently irritated by her general presence and attitude, while she's adamant about being disliked for something she has actually done rather than something she has no control over.

That, and she's not really that vulnerable to the powers of the Ring... but I'll save further explanation for later about that, aside from saying that she wears a talisman of sorts (not visible here) that possesses powerful protective magic.


Oysh, dem proportions, though... oh well. Anyways, how does Bakura look in my style? And before I get any comments about how I 'coloured his eyes wrong', there is at least one official artwork that shows his eyes as a shade of blue, and it makes more sense in terms of biology, assuming that Ryou is either an albino or leucistic. That, and why the colour difference between Ancient Egypt and modern-day Japan?

EDIT: Made the colour of Farah's top just a little less saturated, and tweaked the linework at the bottom just a bit.
Sha, the 'Set-animal'
The creature attributed to the Egyptian god, Set, always intrigued me. I mean, something with a cheetah- or greyhound-like body, square-tipped ears, sloping snout, and a tail that is either forked or 'finned' (ala what I did here)... All of the other deities of that pantheon are who are equated to creatures, are equated to creatures that actually exist, so... what happened with the god of the desert and storms?

Anyways, this will probably become an actual character of some kind. Me likey this interpretation~! ^w^
YGOC - The Old Millennium
Wielders of the seven Millennium Items I've created... Well, more or less, in the case of the Shield, as I 'borrowed' quite heavily from the Duel Monster "Millennium Shield" for that one.

Some of the anatomy is pretty wonky, unfortunately, and the colours may be tweaked at some point, but at the moment, it'll do well enough to get the basics across. ^_^; The main idea with this was to show the basics of what they each look like... both Item and wielder. With the exception of details being covered by hair or by clothing, this pic is serving that purpose fairly well.

Clockwise from Top Left (English name order):
-Arisu Myoukouji
-Makoto Chigami
-Kaizou Shigemaru
-Felicity Tolvay
-Edric Tolvay
-Seiya Shiraku
-Shiori Yamazaki
Now that I've actually hunkered down and made a base... and I should get back to drawing colour variants for pokemon... should I put the two things together? I mean, lineart is actually pretty fun to make, and I could still draw them pretty much however I want to...

-rubs hands together- Yup, I'm liking this idea. Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter? Heck, I'll even take suggestions for what poke' to go for first!

Heck, there's also the possibility of making bases for other things as well... drawn from scratch and available for the masses~! -dreamy-eyed sigh-

...On a side note-rhetorical question-tangent-thing, why am I always more hyped and awake... AFTER midnight? O_o... It's not like there's anything keeping me awake. Apart from my brain. Which hates shutting up. ANYWAYS~!!
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Pyre-Prism's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings to you! I hope you're having an awesome day.

I've been drawing pretty much non-stop since I was about... uhm, six is the youngest that I can remember, and maybe I'll even show you what /those/ actually look like sometime (hint: they're hilarious). I suppose you could say that I specialise with a sort of 'pseudo-anime' style, and the things I draw best are things like people, animals, and the like.

I love manga/anime, video games, actually most 'pop-culture' things have a high likelihood of being of interest to me, come to think of it. I also have many, and I mean /many/ fan-characters for the various universes I like, and will be uploading them (complete with bio) to my gallery, along with who-knows-how-many other artworks to do with said universes.

I'm also going to upload my own original characters and the like, especially for a story project I'm working on with my brother (and have been for years, now) called "The Zodiac Factor" or "ZF" for short. I can't say how long it'll take us to be ready to share the final product, though, so... yeah, sorry about that...!

I encourage people who're visiting to tell me what you think of my work, and especially if you can think of somewhere or some way I can improve. Many thanks in advance for any help! :D


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